London, EN

Travis Scott, who is well aware of the stronghold he has on his fans, continues to stir up the excitement surrounding his upcoming album, Utopia.

Following what many believe was a recording session at London’s iconic Abbey Road studios on Thursday (June 15), the Houston rapper stepped outside to a crowd of fans and put on a quick performance piece.

In what was undoubtedly a nod to The Beatles and the cover art of their landmark album, Abbey Road, Scott and his security team crossed the street maintaining equal distance from one another. As fans looked on, they recreated the photograph featured as part of the fab four’s 1969 release.

While Travis was standing in the same spot as frontman Paul McCartney, the security guard right in front of him was spotted holding a “Utopia” briefcase. This prop has been sighted in recent images of the “90210” rapper, and is seen by many as a sign that the new album is right around the corner.

Most recently, Scott appeared in a Nike commercial alongside John McEnroe to promote the release of the “Mac Attack” sneakers. As part of the campaign, the two were photographed together, with the Astroworldartist holding the mystery briefcase.

Prior to that, record producer Mike Dean posted a photo to Instagram that showed him posing with the briefcase open, but only for his eyes to see what was inside and not fans. “What’s in the case ?” he captioned the post.

Travis Scott Reveals Secret Weapon That Makes 'Utopia' Album 'Feel Alive'

Travis Scott Reveals Secret Weapon That Makes 'Utopia' Album 'Feel Alive'

Scott’s security guards have been seen carrying the item during most of his public appearances of late. Similar to the “Utopia” message that has been seen at the bottom of his shoes, the briefcase has the word written in Scott’s handwriting on the front.

This led to speculation that the briefcase contains the master copy of the upcoming record, with a source close to the rapper telling TMZ that Scott plans to unveil the full album “sometime this summer.”

Though Utopia still doesn’t have an official release date, Scott already played the unreleased tracklist for the Houston Astros. However, considering he’s still in and out of the studio, the songs still might not be finished yet.

Aside from the new album, Scott is currently scheduled to headline Rolling Loud Miami on July 22.