Los Angeles native Blu has had a storied history in underground Hip Hop circles. Since his 2007 debut alongside Exile Below The Heavens, which led to HipHopDX granting him Rookie Of The Year, he’s gone on to release several other projects. Despite releasing a handful of solo projects, Blu been known for his collaborative efforts with producers outside of Exile. This includes famed producer Nottz who alongside Blu released 2013’s Gods in the Spirit. This year, the two return for Titans In The Flesh. Set to drop tomorrow (July 15), the seven track EP features singles “Atlantis” and “Heaven on Earth.”

In preparation for the release, Blu takes the time to name his top five collaborative projects.

Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted


The Bomb Squad blew that shit the fuck up. West Coast/East Coast need to learn tho. Damn Chuck, I didn’t think it could happen. The Shocklees did they damn thing. That was the got damn N.W.A. Vs. Public Enemy album, nuff said, nuff said. I’m socking niggas out after I drop this album. Sir Jinx was blessed to witness the real “ruff, rugged & raw,” all turnt up for this muthfuckkka, Ice Cube! The hardest emcee in West Coast history to this day. Are we talking career making decisions or what? Did Jordan go to Chicago after North Carolina, did Magic go to L.A. after Michigan, did anybody not feel they face getting slammed into cement when this record dropped? Get the fuck outta here!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – The Main Ingredient


For the simple fact that I do not know why Pete Rock decided to make CL’s second LP so damn “sweet.” The sweetest record handcrafted by one producer. When I say sweet, I mean sweet. The “Main Ingredient” must have been fruits and berries. Sugar ain’t sweet as this LP. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory meets “Carmel City.” And talk about raw shit, what the hell is “Worldwide”, the grimmest shiner of any Hip Hop battle’s playlist. Christ, sweet sweet Jesus.

Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth


I love “Hard To Earn”, and I know every hardcore Gangstarr fan is gonna say, Hard To Earn. But when I first heard Moment Of Truth, I knew Hip Hop was forever and ever. I knew we could take this shit to Saturn in a muthafuckkin’ canoe with two paddles, Guru & Preme. I could cry. I can’t believe you asked me this question. Describing Moment Of Truth is like crowning someone, you don’t talk, you don’t walk, you can’t move. Ya head is snapping off your got damn shoulders! From beginning to end. Was it over?—it just stayed in my stereo forever, and ever. Guru for life!!

De La Soul – 3 Feet High & Rising -&- De La Soul Is Dead


Prince Paul needed a haircut. I mean he must’ve been diggin’ in them got damn crates so long, making that record that his hair was Chewbacca. This is my dream. To meet a producer who will go beyond the four corners of the earth to put down a beat, or produce a got damn song. The list goes on, I would include the third album if it wasn’t so short. Paul must’ve got that haircut. But man, what the fuck is ‘Fruity Loops.’ Get out the got damn studio.

Madvillian – Madvilliany


I’m not stupid now, but I was grateful enough to be sat down to meet the man, MF MuthaFucking DOOM, for the first time!!!—in a real way too. What a fucking presentation. Can I call Madlib? no. Can I call MF Doom? no. Can I play Madvilliany forever?—yes!! They can not follow up this record. It is impossible. The Mission Impossible made possible by your favorite super fucking villains. “America’s Most Blunted,” bitch! Everybody call Madlib for beats…tomorrow! No one can introduce you to Doom better, and I looooove Doomsday, fool. Damn, crazy, gotta plug this nutty muthafuckin’ album. The original title was, De la Soul Goes To Hell, lol.

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