Lex Luthoor of hip hop collective Bawal Clan and one-third of LDP (Lyrically Deranged Poets) shares his solo full-length debut, Just A Draft, today, July 23.

In a press statement, the Manila-based artist said that the album’s overarching message is “never count me out.” According to him, Just A Draft has been a long-planned project. “I’ve always wanted to create an album, I promised I would drop one but never really did it. I would either be too busy due to my corporate job or just never paid it no mind. It got to the point that people would count me out.”

It wasn’t until the ongoing lockdown in the Philippines that he found time to see it to fruition but also equally, a way to cope. “Among other things I was in a very dark place; hence, why a lot of the songs are quite grimey. I would say I went to hell and back during that pandemic but it was worth it.”

The 10-track album includes features from fellow Bawal Clan members Ankhten Brown and Rjay Ty (who’s also his co-member in LDP along with Abra), and Saint Judas. Just A Draft includes production credits from Like Animals, RenRen D’Falcon, Pope Fiction, and Bawal Clan’s resident producer, Yung Bawal, who also mixed and mastered the album, with additional keys from Tres Beats and additional vocals by Aletheia.

Check out the tracklist below:

  1. Child of the Night (prod. LikeAnimals)
  2. Blacker than Coal (prod. RenRen D’Falcon)
  3. Wagwan (prod. Pope Fiction)
  4. Drugs & Dreams (prod. Yung Bawal)
  5. The Ace (Interlude) (prod. Yung Bawal)
  6. 10 Toes Down (prod. Yung Bawal)
  7. Devils Lounge feat. Rjay Ty (prod. LikeAnimals)
  8. Grim Reaper feat. Ankthen Brown (prod. Yung Bawal)
  9. The Last Supper feat. St. Judas (prod. Yung Bawal)
  10. Drugs & Dreams (Chopped and Screwed by Chef Eazy) (prod. Yung Bawal)

Lex Luthoor, who was born in Nigeria and raised in Spain, moved to the Philippines and eventually established a music career as part of hip hop groups and collectives, which he said helped expand his perspective. “Being exposed to multiple cultures throughout my entire lifetime as well as fully immersing myself in their language and history… this is where I draw my inspiration from.” Music became a natural outlet for him to process these experiences. “I’ve lived in three different countries and have literally been the only colored kid in school. You see things, you hear things, and these things either lift you up or bring you down. Whatever route it might be, I always found the best way to express myself through music.”

Stream Just A Draft on different platforms here and listen to it on Spotify below: