Sammie is the latest star to announce the pending arrival of a new family member, sharing in a new heartfelt message that he and his partner are expecting a baby girl.

On Saturday (June 24), the R&B singer took to Instagram with a message about him leaning on spirituality through his new journey and some of his goals he hopes to accomplish as a father.

“I’ll try to keep it short,” he began. “To my tribe who’s known yet respected the sacredness, I thank you & I’m ever so grateful for the support and community (our village). God equip me as I embark on breaking generational chains and too…provide to me the tools & discipline to be a great leader, bf, father/ dad & one day husband.

“My prayer is for a Godly, healthy and loving baby. Thank you Tea’ for being who you are. Honored and happy to “Journee” thru life with you.”

In a corresponding post, Sammie shared footage from his daughter’s baby shower, which included her heartbeat at the beginning of the audio. He also talked about few mental health fluctuations he experienced and his daughter giving him purpose to continue in life while sharing a snippet of his song, “Sweet Love.”

“After my bday this year I wanted to no longer be here on this Earth,” the “Come With Me” singer said. “Allowing the devil to take my mind and spirit to a realm beneath Godly heights. When I returned from Vegas I found out we were with child and it gave me purpose to “Journee” on. I have reason(s) to live for.”

He added: “Wrote this song before I knew the gender of my child. It’s the closing outro to my album that’s soon to come. Thank you God for being God. To my family and friends, fans that’s kept me alive with/ or without knowing my fragile state of mind. I’m grateful. It’s entitled “Sweet Baby” (this is actual audio of the first time I heard HER heart beat).”

A number of celebrities, including Vedo, his RSVP group member Bobby Valentino, Luke James, and more sent congratulatory messages to Sammie and his growing family.

Back in 2016, Sammie, who gained notoriety in the early 2000s as a teenage heartthrob, spoke to HipHopDX about how he felt as if he was the “savior” of R&B music at the time.

“It’s more Hip Hop-driven these days with a lot of autotune to be blunt,” he said. “I stay true to myself. Being underground for all these years have allowed me to do mixtapes that are true to R&B. I didn’t have to aim for radio and I didn’t have to appease the DJs or deal with the politics. I didn’t have to deal with any of that craziness. I was super free to do what I wanted to do.”

He continued: “I consider myself the R&B savior and I don’t have to “conform” to the way R&B has to sound right now. I like that I can sound like myself, be different and have my own lane. The blessing was being underground and do what I do.”

R&B Singer Sammie Speaks Out After His Mother Gets Charged With Murder

R&B Singer Sammie Speaks Out After His Mother Gets Charged With Murder

On the music side of things, Ray J has thrown his hat back in the Verzuz ring, pleading with Sammie, Pleasure P, and Bobby Valentino to “run it back.”

It’s been a year since the “One Wish” recording artist teamed up with Bobby V for their showdown against Sammie and Pleasure P, a battle royale of chart-toppers that would ultimately turn into one of the platform’s most entertaining matchups.

However, despite the embarrassment that ensued, Ray J is calling on the R&B trio (who now have an R&B group with him named RSVP) for a rematch.