Method Man has shared his thoughts about the state of Hip Hop, remarking at how different things are from his Wu-Tang Clan heyday.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club which aired on Monday (May 12), the “Bring The Pain” rapper told Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy how much has changed over the course of three decades.

“Let’s say Hip Hop was in its early 20s,” he began. “Still young, but still, likes to fuck a lot, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m finding out what these streets are about; so there’s a lot more authenticity. When you heard records from the West Coast, you know it was from the West Coast. When you heard UGK, we know that was down south.”

He continued: “I’m not taking anything away from the music nowadays, you know? Because whatever works, works. And I like some of the shit they be doin’ today. But back then, we had identities. And everybody was fightin’ for their own identity. Whereas now, it seems like everyone’s fighting for the same identity.”

But Mef was quick to point out that despite the homogeneity of today’s sound, he still has hope for the future of Hip Hop. “[I don’t mind because] that’s going to spark the mind that changes everything, you know?”

In fairness to the “Protect Your Neck” rapper, he’s certainly not afraid to show love to today’s artists — as he proved with a shoutout to GloRilla in February.

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Method Man Opens Up To Kevin Hart About Mental Health Struggles: ‘I Was In My Own Way’

HipHopDX had the chance to catch up with Wu-Tang MC while he was on the red carpet of the 2023 Grammys. It wasn’t long before Mef was asked what new artist he was listening to at the time.

Method Man said there is one new artist who is “big” in his household, and that’s GloRilla, thanks in no small part to her hit, “F.N.F” “I don’t really listen to much [of] today’s music,” he said. “But right now, who’s relevant in my household? Who they playing in my house? Glo.”

He went on to say that he in fact met GlorRilla and said she seemed unaware of who the legendary rapper was at the time. Regardless, Meth said she was very kind. “That speaks volumes to her character. Love her,” Meth added.

GloRilla took to her Instagram Stories to respond to Meth’s love, saying she “definitely” knew who the New York rhymer was and said she was a “big fan” of his music. “@methodmanofficial I most definitely know who you was lol big fan,” Glo wrote on IG.