Method Man has revealed that while he doesn’t listen to much of today’s rap, one particular Memphis rap star stands out from the crowd.

Back in February, HipHopDX had the chance to catch up with Wu-Tang MC while he was on the red carpet of the 2023 Grammys. It wasn’t long before Mef was asked by our own Jeremy Hecht what new artist he was listening to at the time.

Method Man said there is one new artist who is “big” in his household, and that’s GloRilla, thanks in no small part to her hit, “F.N.F”

“I don’t really listen to much [of] today’s music,” he said. “But right now, who’s relevant in my household? Who they playing in my house? Glo.”

He also said after meeting GlorRilla, despite her seemingly having no idea who the legendary rapper is, she remained very kind. “That speaks volumes to her character. Love her.” he said.

GloRilla isn’t the only one person the rapper and actor has been showing love to recently. At a recent performance, he expressed gratitude to a sign language interpreter for her assistance.

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While performing with the Wu-Tang Clan at the New Orleans Jazz Festival over the weekend, Mef and his crew launched into “Can It All Be So Simple,” a classic from the Staten Island natives’ classic Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) debut album.

It was then that a sign language interpreter jumped to the side of the stage and began encapsulating the song for the benefit of those in the audience who were hearing impaired.

And based on the “Bring the Pain” rapper’s reaction, seen in a fan-captured video, he enjoyed her performance just as much as she enjoyed his.

Method Man doesn’t just get respect from devoted Hip Hop audiences, either. As an elder statesman of the genre, the rapper-turned-actor has earned the admiration of his musical peers — most recently, and most notably, from former G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks.