Keyshia Cole has responded to an accusation that she is ‘degrading’ her late mother Frankie Lons, amid news that the singer has started working on a biopic.

In November 2022, The Jasmine Brand reported that Lifetime had begun production on a film that would examine Cole’s life, including her tumultuous relationship with her biological mother, who passed away in July 2021 of an apparent overdose. The following month, veteran actress Debbie Morgan shared a behind the scenes shot on Instagram that saw her appearing on camera as Frankie alongside Keyshia Cole.

A Twitter user who seemingly just learned of the project, shared her criticism of the “Heaven Sent” singer’s decision to document her life on Friday (January 13), writing: “I said it! As soon as
@KeyshiaCole momma died she was going to used [sic] that opportunity as she always does and make it work for her. Now she is making a movie about Frankie she always degrading them for her benefit”

Keyshia Cole quickly responded, balking at the idea that she would dishonor Frankie Lons’ memory in any way and defending her right to share her story. She also revealed that the as-yet-untitled biopic would feature a new song dedicated to the late reality star.

“Degrading my mother. ? I wanted the best for my mom,” the singer tweeted. “You prefer my story not be my story? At times I have too. But my truth is my truth. I just live mine loud. (while some suffer in silence. But This will come wit all that I do, So speak YOUR TRUTH, but yours ain’t mine. [heart emoji]”

She continued: “And I’m addition to that I have recorded a record that will be in the movie dedicated to my mother. (You all may or may not like it) but….. This movie was healing in some ways for me, so very appreciative of having this happen.”

Although addiction and adoption fractured their relationship, Keyshia Cole and her mother managed to work through their differences, even allowing their difficult road to a reunion play out in front of an audience. They were both the subjects of the 2006 BET reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, effectively becoming trailblazers before reality TV and social media became influential artist tools.

In the days following Frankie Lons’ death, Cole took to Instagram to honor her mother in a since-deleted tribute post.

Keyshia Cole Reveals Her Father Has Died From COVID-19 Just 4 Months After Losing Her Mother

Keyshia Cole Reveals Her Father Has Died From COVID-19 Just 4 Months After Losing Her Mother

“I created this post to show my love and appreciation for your life,” she wrote, “and I would like to thank my fans + supporters, shooot your supporters and fans, for being here with us during these hard times, and the love that you all have for us…..the love for all your children was definitely felt.

“When u said all you want is to have ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN IN ONE PLACE, AT ONE TIME meant the most to you,” she added. “And I’m completely down to do that for you. Even through our differences …. WE LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Frank da bank!”

Neither Keyshia Cole nor Lifetime have made an official announcement about the reported biopic and when it might become available.