The Game and Dom Kennedy have been called on to help start a unisex Summer Basketball league which will greatly impact college basketball players in the Los Angeles area.

Speaking to TMZ on Saturday (June 3), former Sacramento Kings player Pooh Jeter spoke about Real Run College Basketball Summer League and how it was created. He emphasized that he wanted to connect with rappers from his area to truly kick things off within the program.

“I had this idea with the college league where I said, how ’bout I add the homies from the city that’s rappers,” Pooh Jeter said. “So I got with Dom Kennedy, and Dom Kennedy was like, ‘Aye bro, that is fire. Let’s do it.’ And I got with G Perico. And I got with Game. I hit up my brother Sonic. I said: ‘Sonic, what Game on?’ And Game was like, ‘Just make sure my team ain’t boo boo.'”

He added: “A lot of the rappers was like ‘Bro, this is something amazing, this is something that we can change the game with, especially in the inner city with the youth, both men’s and women’s athletes.'”

The league, which is being spearheaded by both Jeter and Real Run founder Deanthony Langston, will feature men and women’s basketball players. Rappers including The Game, Dom Kennedy, BlueBucksClan, and G Perico will be in charge of the basketball teams and will allow them to make a viable connection between sports and music. USC Trojans basketball star Boogie Ellis and future USC Trojans player JuJu Watkins are two of the young stars who signed on to be a part of the league.

Pooh Jeter also said that everyone who is involved in the league can engage in a nine-week virtual learning program that deals with financial literacy, mental wellness, podcasting, real estate, and more.

Hit-Boy & Dom Kennedy Run Laps Around The Competition In ‘Corsa’ Visual

Hit-Boy & Dom Kennedy Run Laps Around The Competition In ‘Corsa’ Visual

Real Run College Basketball Summer League is set to begin on June 17 and run until August 13 in Los Angeles.

The Game has tried to prove that his basketball skills are worthy of attention over time. Earlier this year, he called for a 10-day NBA contract after showcasing his skills on the court.

In a previous post shared to Instagram, Game could be seen twirling a basketball on his index finger, while Travis Scott stands next to him. In another set of videos, Game could be seen nailing multiple three-pointers as onlookers cheer around him.

“Hey call me All Star Game for a reason,” Game wrote at the time. “Gimme my 10 day. And tell @gilliedaking I got a NBA regulation size court at the krib.”