Fivio Foreign has given credit to the higher power for allowing him to purchase a new flossy chain, which he’s shared online for the world to see.

The Brooklyn rapper took to Twitter on Friday (June 23) to show off the icy chain, which he said he dropped a$200,000 on just because he can on a random day of the week. “God is Good.. 200k onna Friday,” he tweeted.

In a corresponding video, Fivio’s jeweler said that the snowflake-inspired chain, which was showcased in a box surrounded with Louis Vuitton emblems is “all emeralds, with the kilo, and VVS diamonds.”

Both men agreed that the chain itself resembles “water” and it’s too easy for Fivio to make such purchases. Check out Fivio Foreign’s tweet below.

Fivio Foreign’s new purchase could potentially be an additional response to the one he made in early June about his chain allegedly being snatched by one of his rivals named Big Pluto back in May.

Loui Paso, a rapper, and friend of Fivio, joined Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast earlier this month to discuss the incident in more detail. In his opinion, it would be “impossible” for the average person to get close to the “Big Drip” rapper due to his security. “The guy [usually] has like six, seven security guys with him,” he said.

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Kanye West Channels Snoop Dogg On New Fivio Foreign 'Concussion' Collab: Listen

Loui then took it a step further and called “cap” at the rumored theft, noting that the chain “never left his neck.” A few minutes later, Fivio called to confirm what he had said. Almost immediately, Loui turned his phone around so everyone could see that Fivio was, in fact, rocking the chain in question.

Fivio Foreign had the chain made last year by GLD as part of a larger collection for the jewelry company. Around the time of the alleged theft, the suspected perpetrator sat down with 16ShotEm Visualz for a YouTube video interview explaining why the theft took place.

“This is Fivio’s chain, man,” Pluto claimed. “It say Fivio on the back. He did this collaboration with this jewelry company called Shop Gold or some shit like that. They made him a real chain and they made duplicates of this chain to sell to his fans and shit. I guess it mean demon time, but n-ggas don’t be on that.”

He added: “This the valid one. This ain’t the one that you can pay for. The one that you can pay for, they small, they smaller than this. This the real one.”