DJ Premier has worked with some of the greatest artists in Hip Hop, but it turns out his presence in the creative space spans multiple generations.

On Tuesday (June 20), Idea Generation posted an interview with the veteran producer wherein he discussed a fascinating crossover from his younger days. During the chat, Preemo talks about how one of his earliest influences was none other than Travis Scott’s father, Jaques Webster Sr.

“We call him Jack,” the Texas native said about his friend. “Jack’s mom was my English teacher … he has a brother named Travis and he has a sister named Sonora — they’re literally across the street.”

He continued: “As I got older, getting closer to almost junior high, we’d go over to the Websters’ house anyway because they had a VCR—they were the first ones I knew with a VCR—and they would tape Soul Train. And I’d be like, ‘Yo, I can watch Soul Train over and over and over.’”

Aside from bonding over the iconic TV show, the Websters also prompted Premier to pursue music seriously. It was at their home that he first got a taste of what truly moved him within the sonic realm.

“I’d go over there and Jack’s playing the drums, like killin’ it,” he explained. “And Travis was playin’ the bass, which is two of my influences when I make beats to this day, is my drums and my bass.”

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He added: “And I was like, ‘Can you show me how to do that?’ Taught me how to play [drumming gestures with his hands], started playing with them, jamming with them. Travis taught me how to play bass, started playing with them.”

This was a turning point in Preemo’s life because he went from being a fan of music to actually making it himself. And the rest is history.

“Next thing you know,” he said. “I’m now taking that seriously. Once I got to that point of learning it and mastering it, that’s when I started to apply that to what I do when it comes to music production, so yeah, it goes that far back.”