50 Cent has seemingly fired back at Nick Cannon‘s “fat” jab.

Cannon made disparaging comments about 50’s weight during a recent episode of his Daily Cannon podcast, claiming he looks like he has “a pack of hot dogs in the back of his neck.”

“You can fantasize about Fif from 15 years ago. That’s a different Fif than this fat n-gga that’s walking around now,” he said when discussing Vivica A. Fox wanting to rekindle her romance with the G-Unit boss.

He added: “He is fat! He look like he got a pack of hot dogs in the back of his neck. You lookin’ at them pictures from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, now it’s Get Thick or Die Fryin’!”

50 doesn’t appear to have taken kindly to Cannon’s insults as he took to Instagram on Monday (June 12) to hit back at unnamed critics who’ve been dragging his name through the mud.

“If your marketing campaign is say something about 50. Your not going to make it, have a nice day,” he wrote in surprisingly diplomatic fashion.

Fif’s message was paired with an image that read: “It’s never luck. It’s always God.”

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent and Nick Cannon have exchanged words. During an interview with VladTV in 2020, the Wild ‘N Out host revealed his songs “Used to Look Up to You” and “I Know What It Is” from his The Miseducation of the Negro You Love to Hate mixtape were actually about 50 Cent rather than Eminem.

“If you actually listen to it, ‘Used to Look Up to You’ and ‘I Know What It Is’ are more about 50 and a lot of these other rappers who I’m like, ‘Dog, man — I had so much respect for y’all,’” he said at the time.

Appearing on The Breakfast Club a few days later, 50 called Cannon “legendary corny” and stated he would never respond to him.

“I would never respond to Nick Cannon,” he said. “Never. The camera is on, right? He’s legendary corny. He’s been legendary corny. He’s been corny forever, like from the very beginning.

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50 Cent Says STARZ Jerked Him Over ‘Power,’ Paying Him Just $17K Per Episode

“I thought at one point he was headed somewhere that was like Will Smith-ish ’cause it was kind of comedy stuff. Then, it just never got to its destination. It just never got cool.”

He added: “The only thing he’s not good at is rapping. I don’t know why he’s so passionate about it. Like, what the hell is going on? Bro, look, you suck, bro. You suck, bro.

“I’mma just tell you the truth. Like, there was never a moment when you said something and we was like, ‘Ooo, bars.’”